Bonjour Légufrulabélophile's

That's the French term given to Fruit Sticker collectors, nice isn't it? 

It goes without saying that we're a little obsessional about collecting. Rather than just focus on our collection, we wanted to highlight some of the other amazing collections you can find across Instagram. Some fruit related, some not! 

Labeltime | @labeltime

This amazing Instagram account is dedicated to finding the best vintage clothing labels. The woman behind the feed, Dana Cohen, is based out of San Francisco and Philadelphia. Check out her account in the link above and a couple of my favourite posts below. 



Cartonographer | @cartonographer

Cartonography is the mapping of Australian fruit cartons. It is a collection, a map, and a research archive by Sean Rafferty. If you love fruit stickers, chances are you'll love these found cartons too. Often bold and vibrant, the cartons benefit aesthetically from large scale offset printing. You can find out more at Sean's website here. A couple of our favourites below. 


Fruitpapers | @fruitpapers

Fruitpapers is a small-ish account ran by South East London designer Marc Spicer. He describes the account as being for 'ephemera geeks' and it features his beautiful collection of tissue paper fruit wrappers. Remember those? Again, a couple of my highlights below. 


Enjoy, and let us know your favourites in the comments! 

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