About Us

"Fruit Stickers is my favorite Instagram account right now, and that’s coming from someone who spends way too much time on Instagram." Alex Delaney, Bon Appetit.

"If ever there was ever such thing as a cult Instagram account, @Fruit_Stickers would be one." — Everpress 

"One of my new fav Instagram accounts to follow is Fruit Stickers. Fruit Stickers is a scrapbook of colourful stickers found on fruits and vegetables all over the world. Graphic designers will find the feed immensely satisfying." — Booooooom

We run the Instagram account @fruit_stickers.

For many years we've kept those little stickers from fruit. You know the ones? Those little stickers that distinguish each who and where the fruit was grown. They are hidden masterpieces of design in everyday life.

Maybe you've never taken much notice of these amazing little pieces design from our fruit bowls, but when you start looking out for them, you'll start to notice there are thousands upon thousands of different designs from virtually every country across the globe. In fact some sources suggest there may be as many as 65,000 different designs. 

Or maybe, like us, you're already a little bit obsessional about these little bits of everyday design. 

We've been sharing snippets from our collection on instagram for a few years, and now we're bringing them into your home with a range of beautifully printed, colour-perfect art prints (and the occasional t-shirt!)